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250 tons of construction waste crushing plant in Huaihua, Hunan

250 tons of construction waste crushing plant in Huaihua, Hunan
Project Description

Applicable material:construction waste

Outlet size:0-5,5-20,20-40mm

Scope of application:concrete mortar, recycled bricks, etc.

Processing capacity:250T/H

Project Benefits

The customer is a waste treatment plant in Huaihua, Hunan, and has undertaken construction waste recycling projects. Due to the large sized and scattered construction waste, the complex topography of the construction site, and the high cost of construction waste removal and transportation, the customer chose Mecru's crawler impact crusher. This mobile crushing production line can be used in a waste treatment plant, or it can be stationed on site for crushing on site as needed. It is flexible and convenient. It is one of the few high-efficiency solid waste production lines in the surrounding area.

The advantage of project

1.Short engineering period and fast transition

Mecru Crawler Impact Crushing Station can realize one-stop crushing of feeding, crushing, and screening, which is ready-to-use, flexible in transition, and does not require complicated foundation construction.

2.Recycling, economic and environmental protection

After solid waste processing, 80% is converted into recycled aggregate, which can be used in concrete production to reduce the exploitation of natural resources; while sorting the remaining waste residue, because of its good water permeability, it is an ideal backfill pit material.

3.Reasonable design, low dust and noise

Mecru construction waste mobile crushing station is scientific and reasonable in design, green and environmentally friendly, and can be equipped with dust removal equipment according to needs, so as to meet the green environmental protection requirements of zero pollution, no noise and no dust.

4.Advanced equipment and high economic efficiency

The production line adopts the advanced crawler impact crushing equipment of Mecru to process the construction waste. The output is large and the economic benefit is considerable.

5.Intelligent monitoring to ensure quality

The production line adopts an intelligent control system and real-time monitoring system for the whole process, which is not only economize on manpower, but also can accurately control the operating state of the equipment and ensure the quality of the finished product.

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Customer Reviews

This crushing scheme of Mecru not only has large crushing output and good grain shape, but also can be moved flexibly according to our production needs, which saving time and cost, basically satisfying our many demands. In the process of cooperation, we really feel the professionalism of Mecru, whether its program design, equipment selection, or later technical training, they are very professional, which laying a solid foundation for our successful cooperation.

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