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What are the advantages of limestone sand making?


In the history of human civilization, limestone is widely used for its wide distribution in nature and easy access, and has a long mining history. The white and pure calcium carbonate rock is called white marble and can be used directly as decorative stone pillars or crafts. Calcium carbonate, which has beautiful patterns due to impurities, is called marble, and can be used as a veneer for the outer and inner walls of a building or to lay the ground. Calcium carbonate rock (limestone) with dense texture can also be directly used for making sand and building houses.

China is one of the countries with the richest limestone mineral resources in the world. Making sand with limestone has great convenience in obtaining raw materials. The limestone raw material purchased at a low price, after crushing, sieving, and washing with mechanical equipment, the machined sand produced doubles in price, and can obtain a considerable profit.

In addition to this, machine-made sand made of limestone has the following advantages:

1. Can effectively and stably control the technical indicators of sand particles according to national standards and engineering quality requirements to meet engineering technical requirements.

2. The particle and fineness modulus of machine-made sand can be adjusted. According to the needs of the project, the fineness modulus and particle size of machine-made sand can be adjusted in combination with the advantages of the base material and the requirements of concrete.

3. The shape of machine-made sand particles is polygonal and angular, and the surface is rough.

4. The production of machine-made sand can be combined with the production process of crushed stone, which is conducive to the comprehensive utilization of mineral resources and reduces pollution, thereby greatly reducing the production cost of machine-made sand.

At present, there are two kinds of limestone crushing production lines: fixed production line and mobile production line. Customers can choose according to their actual conditions.

The fixed limestone crushing production line includes feeding, crushing, sand making, sieving, etc. The required equipment includes vibrating feeder, C series jaw crusher, C series impact crusher, vibrating screen, C series high efficiency impact Crusher, sand washer and conveyor equipment. The process flow of such a limestone crushing production line is simple, scientific and reasonable, smooth operation, finished sand and gravel, excellent grain size, reasonable gradation, to meet market demand.

The mobile limestone crushing production line is mainly based on mobile crushing and screening equipment, which is flexible and fast, and can be directly opened to the limestone sand making site to reduce the cost of material transportation back and forth; integrated body design, small footprint, Can reduce the investment in the construction of the construction site and effectively control costs.