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Fine crushing sand + aggregate shaping, why does the sand machine have two functions?


Vertical shaft impact crusher is a kind of equipment that uses impact energy to crush stones, because it is a vertical shaft design, it is also called vertical shaft impact crusher and vertical sand making machine.

With the gradual rise of the machine-made sand industry, sand and gravel equipment has also made new developments. In the production of machine-made sand, the vertical-axis impact sand making machine has two functions of fine crushing and shaping, and is widely used.

Why does a sand making machine have two functions of sand making and shaping at the same time?

First of all, we have to understand that there are two feeding methods for vertical shaft impact sand making machine: complete center feeding and center feeding with waterfall feeding, and two crushing methods: "stone hitting stone" and "stone hitting iron".

Different feeding methods and different working principles.

Full-center feeding: After reaching the feeding specifications (usually below 40mm), the stones or finely crushed pebbles enter the impact and break, and the centrifugal movement is given by the material cone to the initial acceleration. The tossed material has a very high speed, and then hits the perimeter guard and is rebounded by the perimeter guard to hedge against the next wave of thrown material. Of course, after a long period of production, a cushion layer will be formed on the peripheral guard, and the role between the materials will increase.

Falling feed: After reaching the feed specifications (usually below 40mm), stones or finely crushed pebbles enter the impact and break, part of the material enters from the center of the impeller, and the other part enters from the periphery of the impeller. The material entering the center will be preliminarily accelerated by the material distribution cone, and run to the periphery of the impeller to be accelerated by the throwing head. The accelerated material will impact the material curtain, and some materials will hit the peripheral guard plate to rebound and break after having kinetic energy.

Under normal circumstances, the whole center feed is mainly "stone-iron", which is generally used to make sand. It is suitable for abrasive materials with medium hardness or above, such as basalt. During the crushing process, the material ejected from the throwing wheel impacts the material lining without directly contacting the metal components of the equipment, reducing iron consumption, thereby reducing maintenance time. Under the working condition of "stone stone", the finished product has good grain shape, but the output is relatively low; and the center feed with the waterfall feed is a combination of "stone iron" and "stone stone", which is generally used for shaping, suitable for medium hard below Abrasive materials, such as limestone, etc. In the "stone-iron" working situation, the crushing efficiency is higher and the output is higher.

The different feeding methods and working principles determine that the sand making machine has two major functions of stone crushing and shaping in the sand production line. With the vigorous development of fine aggregate production lines, sand making machines will be more used in the production of aggregates.

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