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Rotary Dryer

Brief introduction

Mine dryer, also known as tumble dryer, is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, environmental protection, cement, sand and other fields, mainly for slag, clay, limestone, magnetic powder, graphite, iron ore, molybdenum ore The materials are dried and dehydrated, which has the characteristics of high efficiency, good quality, less cost, less failure, large output and more profit.

Feeding size: noneCapacity: 0.5-55t/h

Materials: slag, limestone, coal powder, slime, clay and other materials


1. The distribution and angle design of the lifting plate is reasonable and the performance is reliable, so the heat energy utilization rate is high and the drying is even.

2. A self-aligning tug structure is adopted, and the tug and the rolling ring cooperate well, which greatly reduces wear and power consumption.

3. Large processing capacity, low fuel consumption and low drying cost.

4. The structure is simple, the area is small, and it is easy to construct and maintain.

5. The exhaust gas discharged during the drying process will not be discharged until it is filtered, which will not cause pollution to the environment. At the same time, dust, noise and other pollution are easier to control and the operation process is more environmentally friendly.

6. The automatic control system ensures that the operation of the equipment is more convenient, the safety is significantly improved, and labor and time costs are saved.

Work principle

The wet material is sent to the hopper by a belt conveyor or bucket elevator, and then enters the feeding end through the feeding pipe through the feeding machine of the hopper. The slope of the feeding pipe should be greater than the natural inclination of the material, so that the material can flow into the dryer smoothly. The dryer cylinder is a rotating cylinder that is slightly inclined to the horizontal. The material is added from the higher end, the heat carrier enters from the lower end, and is in countercurrent contact with the material, and there are also the heat carrier and the material flowing into the barrel together. As the cylinder rotates, the material moves to the lower end by gravity. During the forward movement of the wet material in the cylinder, the heating medium is directly or indirectly heated, so that the wet material can be dried, and then sent out at the discharge end through a belt conveyor or a spiral classifier。

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