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Vertical Kiln

Brief introduction

Shaft kiln, also known as vertical kiln, bottle kiln, is a kiln used for forging refractory raw materials and lime. It is composed of kiln body, feeding device and ventilation equipment. Its advantages are less capital investment, less floor space, high cooking efficiency, low fuel consumption, and easy machine automation and automation.

Feeding size: 25-150mmCapacity: 180-10000t/d

Materials: limestone, dolomite, clay, etc.


The equipment is simple, the investment is small, the fuel consumed per unit product is low, the cost is low, the utilization factor per unit volume is large, and the floor area of the equipment itself is small.

Work principle

Work according to the principle of countercurrent heat transfer. The materials in the kiln move from top to bottom, and the flue gas passes through the entire column from bottom to top. The materials are preheated, calcined and cooled in the kiln, which has strict requirements on the block size of the raw materials entering the kiln, generally 25-150mm, but it must be installed in stages. The ratio of the maximum block size to the minimum block size should not exceed 2-3mm.

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