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Flotation Machine

Brief introduction

Flotation machine is a kind of high-efficiency flotation equipment and an important mineral processing equipment in flotation production line. The flotation equipment produced by Maike Road has various types, complete models, high sorting accuracy when used, and strong unit processing capacity. It is suitable for the selection of non-ferrous ferrous metals, and can also be used for the selection of non-metals such as pyroxene and talc.

Feeding size: Capacity:

Materials: copper, zinc, lead, nickel, gold and other non-ferrous metals, ferrous metals, non-metallic and other materials.


1. Large air intake and low power consumption.

2. Each tank has triple functions of suction, slurry suction and flotation. It forms a flotation circuit without any auxiliary equipment. It is horizontally configured to facilitate the change of process.

3. The slurry circulation is reasonable, which can minimize the precipitation of coarse sand.

4. An automatic control device for the slurry surface is provided, which is convenient for adjustment.

Work principle

After grinding the ore, add water and necessary chemicals to the slurry during the grinding or after grinding, and then pour into the slurry tank to start the stirring, and introduce air into the slurry to form a large number of bubbles, some of which are not easily affected by water Wet, that is, the mineral particles that are generally called hydrophobic attach to the bubbles, and float to the surface of the pulp with the bubbles to form a layer of mineralized bubbles. Others are easily wetted by water, which are generally called hydrophilic mineral particles. It does not adhere to the bubbles, but remains in the pulp, and the mineralized bubbles containing specific minerals are discharged to achieve the purpose of beneficiation.

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