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Spiral Classifier

Brief introduction

The screw classifier is abbreviated as classifier. It mainly has four types of high weir single screw and double screw, submerged single screw and double screw. It is widely used in concentrators and ball mills to form closed-circuit circulation range split flow ore sand, or used in Gravity beneficiation plants come to classify ore and fine mud, and perform particle size classification of ore pulp in metal beneficiation processes, and desilting and dewatering operations in ore washing operations.

Feeding size: 0.07-0.83mmCapacity: 340-23400t/d

Materials: suitable for all kinds of ores with overflow particle size of 0.07mm ~ 0.83mm


1. The structure is simple and easy to maintain, greatly reducing the maintenance workload.

2. High degree of automation, easy operation, stable and reliable work.

3. It can be connected with the ball mill self-flow, eliminating the need for slurry pumping.

4. Large volume, with buffer and transportation functions, which is beneficial to grinding operations.

5. High precision, high classification fineness, to prevent oversize particles and sieve residues in products.

Work principle

The screw classifier is based on the principle that the solid particles are different in size and specific gravity, so the settling speed in the liquid is different. The fine ore particles float in the water and overflow, and the coarse ore particles sink to the bottom of the tank and are pushed upward by the screw. To perform mechanical classification.

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