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Crawler Screening Station

Brief introduction

MECRU Crawler Screening Station is a kind of high-efficiency screening equipment. It is divided into three categories: heavy screening, inclined screening and horizontal screening. They all use crawler-driven walking mode, with advanced technology and complete functions. The optimized unique dynamic design and intelligent process control system make the Mecru mobile screening station have rugged, stable and reliable high-efficiency screening capabilities, which is ideal for many independent screening or multi-stage mobile crushing and screening processes.

Feeding size: 160-260mmCapacity: 80-800t/h

Materials: crushing of construction waste, sieving of rock, ore, blocky old asphalt concrete and other materials.


1. The track-type screening station can be directly opened to the work site. It is convenient for transfer operations and high screening efficiency. It is very suitable for narrow terrain, urban demolition and other complex terrain areas.

2. The mobile screening equipment adopts the main structure of the double or three-layer screening machine, and is equipped with an excellent grid screening channel. It can stand freely without support.

3. Fuel economy is saved. The crawler screening station meets the needs of environmental protection and can save costs. It can screen out 3 or 4 different specifications of aggregates according to the customer's choice.

Work principle

The motor generates high-speed rotation of the eccentric block of the exciter through the triangle belt. The running eccentric block generates a large centrifugal force, which stimulates the screen box to produce a circular motion with a certain amplitude. The material on the screen is subjected to the impulse imparted by the screen box on the inclined screen surface to produce a continuous throwing motion. The process where the material meets the screen surface The particles smaller than the mesh size are passed through the sieve to achieve classification.

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