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Multi- Combination Tire

Brief introduction

For users who need small and medium capacity and need to move frequently, multi-combination mobile stations are a good choice. According to the requirements of customers' granularity and shape, Mecru can provide you with three combinations or four combinations, and a variety of configuration options to meet different crushing needs of customers.

Feeding size: depending on the processCapacity: depending on the process

Materials: construction waste, iron ore, manganese ore, river pebbles, granite, limestone, river stone, aluminum ore, etc.


1. The integrated whole set of units eliminates the installation of complex site infrastructure and auxiliary facilities of split components, and reduces the consumption of materials and working hours.

2. The combination of multiple units is free to meet the different crushing needs of customers.

3. Flexible maneuverability, high-vehicle chassis, small turning radius, easy to drive on ordinary roads, and more convenient to drive in rugged and rugged road environment in broken field area.

4. In accordance with the principle of "processing nearby", the material can be crushed on site, eliminating the intermediate link of material transfer and greatly reducing the transportation cost of the material.

5. Adaptable host device switching to meet the personalized needs of customers.

Work principle

According to the requirements of the customer's output particle size and particle shape, a variety of three- or four-combined mobile crushing station multi-machine combination schemes are available to meet different customer groups. The combination of multiple machines in the mobile crushing station can not only independently fulfill the customer's demand for stone production, but also be used for the rough breaking of online operations.

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