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Gyratory Crusher

Brief introduction

The gyratory crusher has a huge output and is often used for coarse crushing operations of large enterprises or large production lines. It can crush the raw material ore produced by drilling and blasting to a suitable particle size for subsequent crushing process or beneficiation process. It is the key to the entire process. The link is also the key equipment for the transition between the stope and the subsequent processing system.

Feeding size: ≤1400mmCapacity: 2000-8880t/h

Materials: construction sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal gangue, lump coal and other medium hard ore stone.


1.The thoughtfully crushing cavity design of gyratory crusher ensuring stronger production capacity, larger feed particle size and longer liner life.

2. It adopts the design of large inclination angle and long crushing surface, combined with the optimized design of stroke and speed, so that the crusher has a strong crushing capacity, which is suitable for the requirements of various coarse crushing operations.

3. Ultra-heavy frame, large-diameter integral spindle and high-precision cast bearings. The whole machine has higher strength and longer service life, ensuring safe and reliable continuous high-strength production.

4. Adopting automatic control system and configuring various sensors such as lubricating pressure, lubricating temperature, bearing temperature, rotating speed, spindle position, etc.. PLC and touch screen could realize detection and control and real-time display of every link of the equipment.

Work principle

The gyratory crusher is a large crushing machine that utilizes the gyratory motion of the crushing cone in the cone cavity of the shell to produce extrusion, splitting and bending effects on the material, and to coarsely break various hardness ores or rocks. The upper end of the main shaft equipped with the crushing cone is supported in the bushing of the middle beam, and the lower end is placed in the eccentric hole of the bushing. When the sleeve rotates, the crushing cone makes an eccentric rotation movement around the center line of the machine. Its crushing action is continuous, so the working efficiency is higher than that of the jaw crusher.


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