Service system

A perfect after-sales service system is the key to win the trust of customers. With the development of the company, we have gradually established a comprehensive service system covering product technical support, after-sale service support and product accessory support, and strive to provide you with the most valuable purchasing experience.

Lifecycle Services

Pre-sales communication: The establishment of a professional consulting team can provide you with more professional consulting services. You can get in touch with us through 24-hour hotline, online message, etc. to communicate your needs and make an appointment plan design. We provide you with free exploration services to ensure that the design plan meets your needs.

Scheme design: Based on the results of on-site inspection, our team of engineers will provide you with a professional overall solution. Because of professionalism, we cherish every investment you have, and we have a responsibility to provide you with professional solutions.

Stock delivery: A complete set of scientific and complete stock delivery process. The products are reviewed and checked at various levels to ensure that the delivery is fast and accurate, and quickly delivered to the customer.

Service process

Installation and commissioning: We provide customers with complete installation training services, including site leveling, foundation drawing inspection, construction progress and team planning, guide the entire process of equipment installation, and conduct production line test machines to ensure that the production line runs well.

Technical training: In order to ensure that you can use the machine proficiently and correctly, we have prepared professional and detailed technical training for you, including: system configuration training, installation training, equipment operation training, equipment maintenance training, common troubleshooting, etc. Serve the customer's production well.

After-sales feedback: Mecru implements a multi-year tracking service on the equipment sold to understand your feedback on the use of products to improve our products. At the same time, when you have any problems during the use of the device, you can feedback to us, we will provide you with professional technical support.

Business Expansion

The development of Mecru is not limited to the development of the domestic market. In order to open up the international market, Mecru has gradually established a global trading system, attracting excellent talents, forming a professional foreign trade team, and opening up the international market. At present, the equipment of Maiko Road has been sold to Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Malaysia, India, Australia and many other countries and regions, and has been recognized and praised by the international market.

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After-sales guarantee

Three Guarantees

If all products need to be repaired or returned due to quality problems, Maike Road will provide you with three guarantees. The warranty period is half a year, except for wearing parts. The direct costs incurred within the scope of the Three Guarantees, such as freight, accessories, and travel expenses for the technical guarantee of the three guarantees, shall be borne by Party B or refunded by the loan in this contract. Party A shall not bear the above expenses and any indirect losses and expenses other than the loans in this contract. Party A sends technical personnel to guide the installation and commissioning, and Party B is responsible for the technical staff's room and board.

One year warranty

The warranty period of all equipments of Mecru is calculated from the date of the commissioning test of the unit. The user enjoys one-year free warranty service for the whole machine with the invoice and warranty certificate, that is, the equipment during the warranty period is caused by the quality problems of the unit itself under normal use. The maintenance costs incurred by the repairs will be borne by Mecru.

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Spare-part support

Accessories support from the original factory gives you a greater sense of security. High-quality original accessories, fast supply, give you more sense of security, reduce downtime and maintenance time, and maximize the protection of your production efficiency.

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